How to Get Back Control

by | Mar 20, 2007 | AncientYogi

So how do you get to this point? It is all very well telling you to forget what others are thinking and to find your purpose… but what if this doesn’t come naturally after decades of living a life based on the expectations of others?

The answer is meditation. Meditation can help you to gain greater insight as to who you are but more importantly, it can help you to learn to focus, to tune out from distracting thoughts or negative emotions and to be much more at peace and in tune with your truest self.

The simplest form of meditation is mindfulness. This means sitting somewhere comfortably with your eyes closed and watching your thoughts float past without engaging with them or pursuing them. Simply make a note of what is in your mind at that time but don’t let it change your emotional state.

Finding time for this practice might seem hard at first, but a good technique is to try meditating for just five minutes a day to begin with. Even this incredibly short amount of time can start to make a difference and you should find that you can always fit this somewhere into your routine.

And do make time for meditation because with that comes far greater focus, discipline and self-knowledge. These are the skills that you can then embrace in order to avoid those racing thoughts, those negative feelings and those distracting emotions.

Eventually, you can begin to be more mindful in everything that you are doing: as you learn to tune out distractions when you’re working and to recognize when you are acting in a forced or untrue manner.

Eventually, you will completely forget the need to remind yourself not to worry and not to stress as you end up entirely focused on what’s happening in the moment and how you should best react.

And with that, your transformation will be complete. You’ll be a much truer version of yourself, one who isn’t afraid to speak their mind or to take matters into their own hands. One who knows what they want and who walks with a confident indifference to petty concerns.

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