Life Without Boundaries

by | Sep 18, 2007 | AncientYogi

The challenge of living a life without boundaries is coming to grips with “The Boundary Effect” phenomenon.

A potential situation can seem so real to us that we truly believe our reaction (usually over the top) is in our own best interest.

You must create the habit of stepping back from a situation and making conscious decisions rather than relying upon your automatic reactions. Living without boundaries means taking responsibility for your reactions! This mindset also makes you more “present” and “in the moment”. It puts you back in control of your life. Instead of you being controlled by your automatic reactions to your life.

A life without boundaries will also have another positive effect on you.

When you begin to eliminate all of the “No…You can’t…Be wary” inner talk, a new world of possibilities begins to open. This is because you have consciously pushed back the phantom boundaries which have encroached upon your day-to -day life. It’s like being unleashed! You suddenly have the freedom to consider possibilities you would never have before.

This is because the phantom boundaries would routinely “FUD” you big time (fear, uncertainty and doubt). We all want to find the path of least resistance in our lives. So rather than “not even going there” because it made you feel uneasy, you are able to calmly consider all possibilities.

Now you can come to your own conclusions based upon who you believe you really are and what you really want.

A life without boundaries is not controversial at all. It can be the most responsible way for you to live your life! Disconnecting yourself from what isn’t real and becoming aware of what is real and consciously determining how you are going to react to reality, will free you from apprehension and reward you with a new freedom from anxiety and frustration.

The greatest reward however, will be the discovery of that which creates passion in you.

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