Knowing Your Purpose

by | May 7, 2007 | AncientYogi

One of the best ways to become more in tune with who you are and to act more on your truest emotions and impulses, is to know your purpose and your life goal. Know your mission statement and what you wish to accomplish in life.

Most of us are living lives based almost entirely on the expectations of others and of our societies. We are striving toward traditional notions of ‘success’ even if we have no real interest in being ‘area manager’ and we spend our evenings collapsed from tiredness.

But what if you knew exactly what you wanted from life, exactly what you wanted to achieve and who you wanted to be. And what if you chased that vision with single-mindedness? Suddenly, you would start to care less about what others thought unless they could somehow help you on your way to your goal.

You’d be less self conscious about your clothing, or your looks, because that would have nothing to do with your ambition or your drive.

And that motivation would pull you out of bed in the mornings, keep you focused and help you to act in a way that was much more in keeping with who you really were, rather than who you needed to be for work or for your relationships.

Again, this will also make you a much more attractive, charismatic and inspiring individual. When we believe passionately in what we’re doing, it changes our entire body language as we gesticulate more, pace more and take up more space. Our body language and the words we are saying are completely congruent and this pulls other people in and inspires them in the same way.

Knowing your purpose makes you more interesting, a better leader and a more attractive individual.

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